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Friends of Oconomowoc Parks and Trails will work in partnership with the City of Oconomowoc and surrounding municipalities to conserve, protect, improve, and enhance area parks and trails for the benefit of the general public. It will support opportunities to educate the public about these resources.  It will serve as a charitable conduit to provide financial support and a volunteer community to carry out the work of the organization.


Independence Day Fireworks Fundraiser


Friends of Oconomowoc Parks and Trails (FOPT) is holding a fundraising event on July 1 held at Rockwell Park for this summer’s Independence Day Fireworks Celebration. We are offering 20 VIP seating spaces in 10 x 10 squares throughout Rockwell Park.  The donation to support the building of Rockwell Park is $200 per square.  Volunteers will contact                                                                  you about the                                                                      details shortly                                                                       after your                                                                           donation has                                                                       been received.                                                                     There are only 20                                                                 spots available,                                                                   so reserve your                                                                   spot today.

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Donate towards our city parks!

Support Oconomowoc’s parks and trails by making a donation today. Your donation will support and sustain our public parks and trails. Make your donation online or donate by check. Print and complete this donation form and mail it to: 


Friends of Oconomowoc Parks and Trails, Inc.

P O Box 903

Oconomowoc, WI 53066


All donations are eligible for a tax donation


Become a Member Today

Become a friend. Join the Friends of Oconomowoc Parks and Trails and support the spaces that allow relaxation, play, exercise, and reflection.  Your membership supports the sustainability of our parks and trails. Your membership supports grassroots efforts to improve our parks and trails. Become a friend today. 


Parks & Trails of Oconomowoc

We encourage you to explore our parks, beaches, trails, and neighborhoods. Our neighborhoods are richer because of our public parks and trails. Explore what we have and explore what’s possible. That’s why this non-profit organization of volunteers exists. Oconomowoc has a deep history of grassroots support for our public parks. Enjoy and explore today and tomorrow. 

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